At the Zurich Convention Center, we are renowned for our hospitality and will make you feel welcome from the very beginning. Please contact us directly if you have any questions about what we offer or would like to plan an event with us. We have a rich tradition of hosting conventions and, with 80 years of convention expertise under our belts, we – with the help of around 100 employees and around 300 temporary staff – would be delighted to draw on our experience and dedication to assist you.

Together, we can create inspirational moments and unique experiences!

Roger Büchel, Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Convention Center
Roger Büchel

Chief Executive Officer
T. +41 44 206 36 25

Maria Hess, Administration & Digitalisation Manager, Zurich Convention Center
Maria Hess

Administration & Digitalisation Manager
T. +41 44 206 36 15

Katharina Schär, Head of Human Resources, Zurich Convention Center
Katharina Schär

Head of Human Resources
T. +41 44 206 36 10

David Haag, Head of Event Technology, Kongresshaus Zürich
David Haag

Head of Event Technology
T. +41 44 206 36 20

Christof Murer, Event Technology, Kongresshaus Zürich
Christof Murer

Event Technology
T. +41 44 206 36 20

General contact enquiries

T. +41 44 206 36 36

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