Nachhaltigkeit Kongresshaus Zürich

Zurich Convention Center Ltd.

Kongresshaus Zürich AG / Zurich Convention Center Ltd., founded in 1985, has a share capital of CHF 5 million and a total of 1014 shareholders (as at the end of 2023).

The Board of Directors has the following members

  • Bürge Andreas, Chairman
  • Bisang Yves
  • Gsell Franziska
  • Herzog Jeannette
  • Segmüller Daniela
  • Hürlimann Cornelia

Secretary of the Board of Directors

  • Ruch Corinne

Chief Executive Officer

  • Loris-Melikoff Michel

Shares of Kongresshaus Zürich AG / Zurich Convention Center Ltd. are not listed on a stock exchange and can only be traded over the counter. If you feel a special affinity with the Zurich Convention Center and would like to become a shareholder, please get in touch with your bank to place a purchase order.

Tax value of a share as at 31 December 2023: CHF 95.-


Executive Board with policy units


Our vision

“We run Switzerland’s most popular venue among organisers and visitors, catering our services to international and national needs. We naturally take advantage of our excellent location and skilfully combine the traditional with the modern. In Zurich we are proud to set an example as a service provider, as an employer and as a sustainable business. This allows us to create added value for shareholders and other stakeholders in the long term.”

Our mission

“Hospitality and first-class services in the most beautiful spot in Zurich.”

  • We strive for success.
  • We make the most of our top location with panoramic views in the economic metropolis of Zurich.
  • We work with state-of-the-art technology and cooperate only with the best.
  • We focus on constant improvement and sustainable development.
  • Our employees are fans of our company.
  • We have won over our customers, guests and visitors.
  • Zurich benefits from our contribution to cultural and economic development.
  • Our partners value our efficiency and our integrity.

Our values

  1. We are passionate about delighting and surprising our customers, guests and visitors.
  2. We are taking steps towards sustainable and innovative development.
  3. We work on a global scale.

Annual reports

Annual Report 2023 (German)

Annual Report 2022 (German)

Annual Report 2021 (German)

Annual Report 2020 (German)

Annual Report 2019 (German)

Annual Report 2018 (German)

Annual Report 2017 (German)


  • EXPO EVENT Swiss LiveCom Association
  • Zurich Tourism Convention Bureau
  • SCIB – Switzerland Convention Incentive Bureau
  • SCC – Swiss Convention Centers
  • Gastrosuisse
  • Enge local association