09. February – 16. April 2023

A tour de force:
achieving women’s

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A tour de force: achieving women’s suffrage – For decades, Swiss women didn’t have the same civil and political rights as men. Since the 19th century, the grapple for women’s rights was tough and the road to political participation bumpy. Women’s suffrage and their right to vote in 1971 was a significant step in implementing equal rights. More than 350 historic images were edited for the multi-language projection of Verein Hommage 2021 and it is an impressive display of the immense achievements made by women on the journey to gaining their political rights.

The projection was developed for the 50th anniversary of the historic vote and was shown at the Bundesplatz in Bern. Thanks to a partnership with Verein Hommage 2021 and the support of the Gebert Rüf Foundation, it is also possible to see the multimedia exhibition at the National Museum Zurich.

The projection features the four national languages and is therefore not available in English.

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