16. September 2022 – 15. January 2023


Website https://www.landesmuseum.ch/de/ausstellung/barock-24422
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Baroque – Baroque is more than a question of style. This cultural epoch between 1580 and 1780 is characterized by great contrasts: opulence and innovation on the one hand, death and crises on the other. Ongoing religious wars and global trade lead to power gains and cultural exchange, but also to famine and exploitation.

Switzerland is in the middle of all this: Its architects realize important works throughout Europe, artists and scientists are internationally networked, French court culture is reflected in clothing and interiors, and the worldwide circulation of goods and knowledge changes lives permanently.

The exhibition presents precious objects from Baroque architecture, garden culture, fashion and art, focusing on their historical context to illuminate this creative epoch in all its ambivalence.

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