03. June 2023

DJ BoBo 2023 - EVOLUT3ON

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DJ BoBo 2023 - EVOLUT3ON TourEVOLUT30N - The big DJ BoBo tour 2023 for the 30th stage anniversary

The time has come: DJ BoBo is going on tour again and celebrates his 30th stage anniversary in 2023 with EVOLUT30N.

The best of 30 years will be presented in the context of a brilliant show, as it has never been seen from him before. DJ BoBo has come up with something very special for the anniversary and conjures up not one, but three spectacular stages in the big concert arenas. A show of superlatives, unique costumes, breathtaking choreographies supported by impressive video effects and a gigantic light show! With EVOLUT30N, fans can expect an unforgettable interactive live experience. Because no matter where the audience is sitting, they will experience the show up close.

DJ Bobo

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