17. June 2021


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*Garzeit" – "The word “Garzeit” is generally used to describe the time it takes to transform an initial material into an end product: Before the raw dough becomes a finished loaf of bread, numerous physical and chemical processes have to happen - a truly creative effort! Similar processes could be felt in Switzerland before 1971: things simmered, fermented, bubbled or spilled over - the maturation process took a long time until the long-awaited and hard-fought women’s right to vote finally came into force through a federal vote in 1971. However, this is certainly not the time to take the foot off the pedal, as conditions remain unequal in many areas of our society.

Garzeit is the latest project by composer Stephanie Haensler and designer Laura Haensler, who, working together as LAUTESkollektiv focus on making socially relevant contemporary topics artistically tangible at the point where their disciplines coincide
Music meets installation, design questions composition and the audible is reflected in the visible. The natural affinity and intermingling of two artistic fields creates an extended concert experience in a direct and clearly ironic way that makes the chronicle of women’s suffrage in Switzerland tangible.

A multi-sensory evening awaits you, prepared and presented by the historian Heidi Pechlaner Gut. The work will be interpreted by the Mondrian Ensemble, one of the leading international contemporary music quartets (Ivana Pristasová, Petra Ackermann, Tamriko Kordzaia and Karolina Öhman).