03. May – 24. November 2024

Lucien Hervé: Built

Website https://pavillon-le-corbusier.ch/de
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Lucien Hervé: Built Light – The photographer Lucien Hervé (1910–2007) communicates the language of architectures through his captures. With their magisterial balance of shadows and light, his photographs bring buildings to new life. His minimalistic views of certain details or materials are visually powerful stagings of the architect’s ideas and translate them into abstract compositions.

Le Corbusier was fascinated by this distinctive visual idiom and recognized the “architect’s soul” in Hervé. Their very first meeting in 1949 gave rise to a collaboration that was to last over 15 years. In this exhibition, Hervé’s images of the works of numerous master builders will be shown alongside the oeuvre of Le Corbusier.

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