Night of the Jumps – The biggest international freestyle MX series NIGHT of the JUMPs returns. The indoor spectacle combines international top-class sport with breathtaking show elements from pyro as well as light technology in a unique mixture and has been thrilling children, families and motorsport fans all over the world for over 20 years.

The NIGHT of the JUMPs athletes fly through the arenas on their motocross machines at a height of 12 meters and up to 25 meters, performing breakneck tricks with names like "Tsunami", "Deadbody", "Hartattack", "Superman", "California Rolls" or "Shaolin".

Adrenaline rushes are guaranteed when freestyle heroes like Luc Ackermann, David Rinaldo, Edgar Torronteras, Maikel Melero and many others shoot off onto the ramps to belt out their most spectacular stunts under the hall roof. Frontflips, double backflips, 540s, 360s, body varials - simply everything that freestyle motocross has to offer can be marveled at during the NIGHT of the JUMPs. In addition, the best mountain bike and BMX riders in Europe will ignite tricks like cashrolls or double frontflips.

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