22. July 2022 – 02. April 2023


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Splendid Sleighs – In the 17th and 18th centuries, sleigh rides were mostly a treat enjoyed by wealthy families. Following the example of the royal courts of Europe, these privileged groups had themselves transported through the winter landscape in magnificent conveyances. Appearance was every bit as important as the outing itself, because these sleighs were one thing above all: a symbol of status. The contraptions were ornamented with heraldic animals, scenic views of various locations or family insignia, and were a lavish and colourful tribute to their owners. Representing an alternative world to the established order, the mythological figures and animals are spectacular. The National Museum holds a unique collection of magnificent sleighs, and for the first time these vehicles will be on display in this format in the Landesmuseum’s Hall of Fame.

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