12. May 2020 – 31. December 2021

Switzerland in World

Website https://museum-gestaltung.ch/de/ausstellung/die-schweiz-im-weltformat/
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Switzerland in World Format – A long tradition of training, committed clients, and high print quality: the Swiss poster enjoys outstanding international acclaim. One special feature is the "world format" (128 × 90.5 cm), which established itself as the standard format only in Switzerland. The sober, objective graphics of the Swiss Style, on the other hand, celebrated worldwide success. In addition, regional schools also shaped Swiss poster culture, for example, Basel’s object poster, which comprises everyday products. Tourism posters show a paradisiacal Switzerland, while voting posters tell of fierce political battles. Comprising around 80 posters, the exhibition invites visitors to take an inspiring and surprising stroll through Swiss poster history.

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