16. December 2022 – 23. April 2023

Traditional tales from
the Alps

Website https://www.landesmuseum.ch/de/ausstellung/sagen-aus-den-alpen-24862
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Traditional tales from the Alps – When dolls come to life, fertile pastures transform into rocky deserts or a woman assumes an animal form, we’ve truly entered the land of myths and legends. Demonic legends tell of supernatural, eerie happenings revolving around ghosts, witches, dragons and even the devil. Historical myths speak of factual or alleged figures from the past. A legend is always linked to a real place – the tale gains credibility that way. Whether it’s Sennentuntschi, the Devil’s Bridge, or the tale of Blüemlisalp, the Swiss Alps are rich with legends which are just waiting to be retold and passed on…

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