29. August 2024

Zürich Experience -
The Summit for Urban

Website https://zt.zuerich.com/de/besuchen/zuerich-experience#/
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Zürich Experience - The Summit for Urban Tourism – What does tourism bring and how much of it can a city take?
What do guests of the future expect?
Is cultural tourism an opportunity?
Where do we stand in terms of sustainability?
Why does the city need major events?
That's what the first city tourism congress organized by Zürich Tourism is all about.

Pascal Kaufmann: "Artificial intelligence: how it is changing our lives and the tourism industry"
Christian Jott Jenny: "St. Moritz begins in Zurich and Zurich in St. Moritz - Christian Jott Jenny with state orchestra"
Thomas Zurbuchen: "Whispers from Other Worlds: NASA's Search for Life in the Cosmos"

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