A double première in August

– Marketing Day is the first major event to be staged at Zurich Convention Center, and the freshly renovated venue isn’t alone in beginning a new era: Marketing Day is reinventing itself at this Zurich location in a new and attractive way.

Marketing Day 21 is the annual trend scout event arranged by the Swiss Marketing Forum, and this year marks its début at Zurich Convention Center. The identity of the (albeit well-known) surprise guest may still be a secret, but one thing is certain: the organisers are missing no opportunity to demonstrate the innovative options that Zurich Convention Center can offer.

«There are no limits to what we can come up with»

Uwe Tännler, Präsident, Swiss Marketing Forum

An inspiring atmosphere for everyone

The view of the lake from the conference rooms, the very latest technology, the different-sized rooms and spaces: Zurich Convention Center offers ‘wow factors’ which already provide plenty of inspiration at the planning stage. «There are no limits to what we can come up with,» enthuses Uwe Tännler, President of the Swiss Marketing Forum.

Where people meet people

Every year, Marketing Day sets new standards when it comes to highlights and infotainment concerning the future of marketing, and the new venue offers even greater potential for this. Under the heading ‘Focus – more important than ever!’, 30 speakers, 20 exhibitors, and 60 sponsors and partners will be presenting their current perspectives. At the heart of this will be the contacts made - and experiences enjoyed - by the numerous visitors.

Promising perspectives

The Marketing Excellence Award, which is popular throughout the sector, will also be presented on 19 August 2021 at Zurich Convention Center. With illustrious keynote speakers, visionary and stimulating presentations, and lots of scope for innovation, attending this event is a ‘must’ for players in the marketing sector. «I’m glad to say that a few tickets are still available,» says Uwe Tännler.

Writing another chapter in the history of the event

Pre-production is also in full swing – at every organisational level. Zurich Convention Center and the Swiss Marketing Forum (as the promoter) are looking forward to writing another chapter in the history of the event. Everyone who participates in Marketing Day 21 at Zurich Convention Center will be experiencing a première in two respects: as guests, they’ll discover the new and multifaceted Zurich Convention Center ‘live’ and from the inside, while as people attending Marketing Day 21 they will at last be once again able to encounter (up close and in person) trends and friends they’ve made within the sector.


Marketing Day 21

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