A TV-like atmosphere for everyone

– Unstable connections, hybrid events plagued by mishaps and glitches: we’ve all become accustomed to these or similar online experiences in recent months. Moreover, it’s not just the technology but often the details too which spoil the overall picture. Nevertheless, Zurich Convention Center is well equipped to avoid such unwelcome surprises.

«The pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation in the event sector too,» says Roger Büchel, CEO of Zurich Convention Center. «The world has now seen that many things can be done remotely. Additionally, awareness of ecological sustainability is increasing further.» In future, this means it’s ever more likely that people will think twice about whether every participant has to travel long distances to actually attend an event in person – or whether it might make more sense to link up with experts, panellists or presenters online.

«Digital and hybrid event formats enhance possibilities. Let’s use the best bits of all of them.»


Roger Büchel, Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Convention Center

However, all of us have also realized that hybrid events and online link-ups are unfortunately not always quite the same as in-person gatherings (for example, because the technology is outdated and the internet connection can’t take the strain), while little details can quickly become disruptive too. An event that was planned to be seamless can therefore turn into a gruelling and disjointed nightmare.


Even if the internet doesn’t let you down, supposedly minor details such as lighting, sound, and even the effect of different surfaces and materials are absolutely crucial for a professional broadcast and can have a major impact on the overall impression that’s made.

The Convention Center has the highest technical standards

Zurich Convention Center therefore provides a professional streaming studio which enables it to offer the highest technical standards with a TV-like atmosphere – and naturally including every option that’s needed for problem-free hybrid or completely virtual live events and recordings.


Our streaming studio offers:

  • Up to 3 TV cameras
  • A camera crane for dynamic, remotely controlled tracking shots
  • A professional studio environment (furnishings, surfaces, background)
  • Professional lighting and sound system
  • 33 m2 LED wall with a large selection of casting options
  • Room for a studio audience of up to 50 people, including separate screens and a separate sound system
  • Integration of video conferencing systems
  • In-house glass fibre infrastructure
  • The specialist staff required for advice, set-up and operation

The streaming studio is therefore suitable for widely differing requirements, ranging from an online AGM to a hybrid podium discussion or a green screen studio – indeed, the technology means you can give free rein to your imagination. You can stream live within the building or to the whole world, and of course all of this can be recorded too. Besides, digital as well as hybrid events require a different storytelling than onsite events. The best thing to do is go get advice from our partner VENON.


«Such a professional, up-to-date, and yet at the same time easily accessible offer is unique in the city of Zurich,» says CEO Roger Büchel, and adds: «Digital and hybrid event formats enhance possibilities. Let’s use the best bits of all of them.» A special thank you goes to VENON, our technology partner, without whose know-how an offer of this sort would be impossible.


You can find further information about this offer here.

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