An eventful first year

In three parts, we looked back at the first event-packed year of operations following the reopening – from the final preparations in the summer of 2021 through to the internationally recognized certification of our quality management just one year later. You can read about our memories of this time below.

Part 1: Preparations


A special tour: we guide more than 40 journalists around the building and report on the construction work. This is the first time we’ve presented the freshly renovated building to the public, and we receive some amazing feedback with over 80 fantastic reports in the various media.


The final details, the finishing touches behind the scenes. Our employees breathe life into the building during a period of intense activity that’s mixed with a sense of anticipation. Stores, fridges and wine coolers are filled, and the final items of furniture are delivered.


We are happy to welcome 50 additional employees join the team. LUX restaurant opens shortly afterwards, initially with an event for media representatives, and with tables being almost fully booked the day after. LUX quickly establishes itself as one of the most popular hotspots in Zurich.

Part 2: It’s all systems go!

The grand opening

The time has finally arrived: the glittering opening night takes place on September 2 in the presence of invited guests and many VIPs, and the various stages are packed with entertainment. The following weekend sees the general public inspecting the newly opened premises via a tour on the pink carpet. Enthusiastic feedback and a reinvigorated building are the reward for everyone who has worked towards this moment.

The magic of the cinema

There’s no reason whatsoever to put dinner jackets and gala gowns back in the closet: glamorous evenings during the Zurich Film Festival lure thousands of cinema fans to the Convention Center, with the Convention Hall itself being turned into a cinema auditorium. The high point is the Swiss premiere of the latest James Bond movie: the Martinis are shaken, and the audience is stirred…

Part 3: Ongoing operations

The next stage begins

The first major events to celebrate the reopening have kept everyone very busy, and the Zurich Film Festival is over, so ‘normal’ Convention Center business can begin. But what exactly is ‘normal’ for us? Above all, it means plenty of variety. Conventions (some lasting several days), corporate events or sold-out concerts and stage shows now allow us to demonstrate what we’re capable of.

What motivates us

Positive feedback from our guests drives us to give our best, day-in day-out. Here’s an example: “The staff were very obliging, the food was excellent, and the decoration perfect”. Further confirmation of what we’ve achieved is provided by the ISO Certification for Quality Management that’s awarded to us almost one year after the first official tour. This brings to a close a successful first year which those involved will never forget.

«I’d like to thank the employees who have actually made these unforgettable moments possible: you’re amazing!»

Roger Büchel, Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Convention Center

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