An innovative partner: Switzerland’s largest fleet of electric trucks

– Feldschlösschen delivers mineral water, beer, soft drinks and spirits to Zurich Convention Center – and in a CO2-neutral way. This is made possible by a sophisticated distribution system which uses trains and e-trucks.

How about letting your view from the terrace wander over the lake? Or would you like to cheerfully clink glasses with a group of friends before downing a nice cold drink? All this will soon be possible. Feldschlösschen Getränke AG, which is based in Rheinfelden, is one of the many partners that are actively and imaginatively contributing to ensuring that Zurich Convention Center has an eco-friendly ethos.

A comprehensive range of drinks

Future guests in the restaurant and events area can look forward to a diverse and handpicked drinks menu. Hürlimann beer (the local classic) is served by the glass, and the refreshing Grimbergen Blanche and hoppy Brooklyn East IPA will also be available on tap. In addition, Zurich Convention Center stocks a wide range of craft beers and other specialities. «Feldschlösschen’s role is to strengthen and further develop innovation,» says Walter Gasser, the brewery’s Key Account Manager.

Alcohol-free beer is on-trend

«Above all, the consumption of alcohol-free beer is totally on-trend,» continues Walter Gasser. The image of alcohol-free beer is currently changing from that of a ‘last resort’ to an interesting alternative if one fancies a refreshing sugar-free drink. The figures speak for themselves: sales of alcohol-free beer manifest single- to double-digit growth.

Heating with alcohol?

Lake Zurich supplies energy to the CO2-neutral Zurich Convention Center, but in Feldschlösschen’s castle at Rheinfelden it’s partly alcohol – and we aren’t joking! In order to produce alcohol-free beer, alcohol is removed from the beer once it’s been brewed, and Feldschlösschen then directly feeds this back into the heating system. However, that’s just one of the many initiatives that go to make up Feldschlösschen’s sustainability strategy.

«Innovation is not only possible in relation to products, but throughout the entire service chain.»

Walter Gasser, Key Account Manager, Feldschlösschen

Doubly emission-free

Walter Gasser specifies: «Many people have it in their head that innovation relates to a product, yet when it comes to services you can introduce innovation throughout the service chain.» Delivery, tools, services – customer-friendly simplification and sustainability are possible at every interface, and transport is an important element in this respect. Feldschlösschen has accordingly ordered 20 electric trucks from Renault, and the first of them are already in use. This is also attractive to truck drivers because the e-technology not only eradicates CO2 emissions, but annoying noise pollution too.

The ‘last mile’ with e-trucks

Manoeuvring these e-trucks in the city centre requires a great deal of care, especially because they’re so quiet when they’re on the move. Feldschlösschen loads its products onto trains at the brewery’s own station, whereupon they’re transported to Dietikon; it’s only for the ‘last mile’ that e-trucks are used to take deliveries to Zurich Convention Center. The latter’s excellent service team is then responsible for the final metres – and after that: cheers!


Name: Walter Gasser
Function: Keyaccount Manager for Feldschlösschen since 2014
Expertise: Target-oriented project management
Likes about his work: Active collaboration with customers and work colleagues

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