Great anticipation for the re-entry

– Ballroom, concert hall, wedding venue, lecture hall, meeting room - and guild hall: The Zurich Convention Center has many faces. For almost 100 years, the Zunft zu den Drei Königen from the district Enge has also found a home in the premises of the Tonhalle and the Zurich Convention Center.

For six months now, Manuel Kormann has been the guild chamberlain of the Zunft zu den Drei Königen (Three Kings Guild). But at the moment he lacks both the room and the opportunity to organise events. But not for long, because with the reopening of the Zurich Convention Center, the guild is moving back to its traditional guild hall.

The Zunft zu den Drei Königen came into being in the course of the incorporation of the Enge district in 1897, so the Zurich Convention Center is an obvious choice for the guild hall. «Our guild is not a historical craftsmen's guild, but a neighbourhood guild. The connection to the Enge district is there for everyone somewhere, even if some of us live in other areas of Zurich,» explains guild master Rolf Bühler. In the guild many different professions are represented and people with craft, academic or commercial backgrounds come together. «We all appreciate that very much, and long-lasting and intensive friendships develop,» says Kormann, the guild chamberlain, explaining the composition of the guild.

f.l.t.r.: Rolf Bühler, Manuel Kormann

«Next year our guild will be 125 years old. We are planning a fabulous ball night for our anniversary.»

Manuel Kormann, Guild chamberlain of the Zunft zu den Drei Königen

This year, the most important guild event - the Zurich Sechseläuten - is cancelled for the second time. Together, Kormann and Bühler organise a short virtual meeting of the Three Kings Guild. The two look at each other mysteriously: They have also thought of a culinary surprise for their guild members. But they are much more concerned with planning the future physical events back at the Zurich Convention Center. The 800-kilogram Three Kings iron sculpture by the artist John Tobler, which was donated to the guild by former guild masters and guild veterans, will soon be presented there again. Manuel Kormann goes on to reveal: «Next year our guild will be 125 years old. We are planning a glittering ball night to dance into our birthday.»

Guild chamberlain Kormann will already be able to demonstrate his organisational talent in November 2021 on the occasion of the Rechenmahl and, above all, next year at the Sechseläuten, while guild master Bühler will be able to demonstrate his rhetorical talent. «At the Sechseläuten, it is the guild master's duty and his pleasure to give amusing and entertaining speeches and to counter the speeches of the speakers of the invited guilds in the evening with repartee.» The guild hall of the Zunft zu den Drei Königen is sometimes derisively referred to as the «Mensa». Quite unjustifiably: not all of Zurich guilds have such a spacious and versatile guild hall. It is easy for Rolf Bühler to counter this: «This is pure envy. The Zurich Convention Center is ideal for us and opens up many possibilities. We really like the conversion of the building.» And the chamberlain adds enthusiastically: «We can hold large events with many guests, but also so-called 'scholars' lectures' on a smaller scale. The cooperation with the Zurich Convention Center is very constructive. Our anticipation of returning to our old home is accordingly very great.»



Name: Manuel Kormann
Function: Guild chamberlain of the Zunft zu den Drei Königen
Main tasks: organises and conducts the guild events such as Sechseläuten, Rechenmahl and Epiphany in the guild room in the Zurich Convention Center
Likes about his work: Exchanging and cultivating friendships


Picture: André Springer

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