Innovative Partner: Venon Projects Ltd. inspires with event technology

– From the overhead projector to the beamer to the mobile LED wall: event technology is changing fundamentally. But where is the journey heading? Event technician Christof Murer implements forward-looking solutions with his company Venon Projects Ltd. - also at the Zurich Convention Center.

«Hybrid formats are as certain as the Amen in the church, even after corona», says Christof Murer with certainty. He should know: He is a consultant and project developer at Venon Projects Ltd.. His company for event engineering and venue services always likes to experiment and has, for example, designed and implemented the world's largest automatic gripper arm or a cinema on the Stanserhorn cable car for clients. Now the resourceful team from Venon Projects is also providing state-of-the-art technology in the Zurich Convention Center that is designed to inspire.

«Technical innovations are exciting, but only effective if they meet a clear need.»

Christof Murer, Consultant and developer at Venon Projects Ltd.

Technology amplifies emotions

Because that is the declared goal: technical innovations are exciting, but only effective if they cover a clear need. The real currency in the event industry is emotion. And these are conveyed more effectively when superlatives are at work: Artists flying through the air, a light show for 40,000 people or the largest transportable LED wall for brilliant presentations. «Most of the time, it's the customer's wishes that trigger our great tinkering», says Murer with a smile.

Additional digital experience

But Corona has also spurred the need for quieter technologies. «There will continue to be a demand to experience at least part of the event digitally», predicts Murer, welcoming this development. Especially events of an informative nature or in the area of infotainment, such as congresses or trade fairs, could be very profitably accompanied by hybrid forms: Tutorials during the journey, streaming from the sofa, video-on-demand afterwards - the formats are increasingly mixing and enriching each other.

Festival atmosphere at the Zurich Convention Center

«Singular events are becoming rarer and rarer», Murer reflects on current developments. «For many events, the setting is becoming more important, the network, everything that accompanies the event - convention and exhibition become confex, a concert becomes a festival». In his view, the Zurich Convention Center is the perfect starting point for such multi-layered events: the versatile rooms and adjoining rooms, the spacious vestibule - they are just made for accompanying competitions, food-courts, sponsors plattforms, small stages and much more. The central location directly on the lake also favours the festival atmosphere that is sought after in today's event industry.

From zero to one hundred

Murer and his team have just moved from the construction phase to the operational phase at the Zurich Convention Center. All the technical equipment is being integrated into the operation and employees are being trained in how to use it. The biggest challenge here? In the event industry, too, you only have one chance to make a first impression: events are live. It is precisely this start from zero to one hundred that Christof Murer loves - and with which Venon Projects AG has so much experience that it is certain: The event technology in the Zurich Convention Center will amaze, be worthy of any high customer demands and know how to play in the league of superlatives.


Name: Christof Murer
Function: Consultant and developer at Venon Projects Ltd.
Expertise: Corporate Governance and Business Administration, Technology and Innovation
Likes about his work: Being able to make a lasting difference and managing with the currency of emotion

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