Life has finally been breathed into Zurich Convention Center again

– Following a four-year renovation project, Zurich Convention Center and the Tonhalle were reopened in early September 2021. We take a look back at our «See you am See» and record the changes that have occurred in our everyday working life since the opening ceremony just 12 months ago.

For the first time in ages, the official reopening of Zurich Convention Center in September 2021 filled the building complex with thunderous applause. It was Corine Mauch, Mayor of Zurich, who ceremoniously cut the ribbon with a large pair of scissors. Interviewed by Swiss TV, this is what Mauch said to mark the occasion:

«Zurich Convention Center is becoming a meeting place. This will be a venue where people will want to come and get together.»

Amongst other things, she was referring to our terrace with its unique view of the lake, but she was also making a prediction which has fortunately come true. However, it’s not just our first-class gastronomy at a unique location by the shore of Lake Zurich (not to mention hundreds of events) that have lured numerous visitors to Zurich Convention Center in recent months.

Our CEO, Roger Büchel, provides an insight into one of the biggest changes that have occurred behind the scenes since the reopening:

«We’ve taken a big step forward when it comes to technology»

Zurich Convention Center has been equipped with the latest systems for camera, video, lighting and sound technology. We’ve also installed a TV studio in our building, and the Zurich Film Festival in 2021 saw us house what was (temporarily) the biggest cinema auditorium in Switzerland. Just 15 minutes after its official world premiere, it showed the latest James Bond film. «That’s a massive highlight,» said an obviously delighted Roger Büchel to a local news channel at the opening ceremony.

In spite of all these modern changes that have occurred since the reopening, we’ve nevertheless remained loyal to certain traditions. We’re delighted that the proverbial ‹renewed splendour› of Zurich Convention Center also manages to incorporate its ‹old splendour›. In particular, the appearance of the Tonhalle (which is now a listed building) recalls the time when it was originally opened shortly before the start of the 20th century.

It gave us a great deal of pleasure on our opening weekend to see visitors walking through our premises for the first time in ages. Even though a year has passed since ‹See you am See›, one of our employees can still recall these days with pleasure:

«Life was finally breathed into Zurich Convention Center again. Life and enthusiasm»

Merle tom Dieck, Congress & Event Consultant

In a newspaper report, the echoed this sentiment when describing a visit to the opening ceremony:

«The building looks as if it can breathe again. Flooded with light, the foyer extends throughout the building to give the impression that one isn’t inside at all, but still standing outside in the fresh air instead»

The newspaper goes on to characterize the Convention Center as being of crucial importance for the next generation. We’d like to continue in this vein: sustainable, unique, and sprinkled with unforgettable moments.

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