Looking for passionate personalities

– In a few weeks' time, the team of the Zurich Convention Center will be expanded from the current 11 to around 100 permanent employees and 300 staff on call. In the center of the numerous castings: Katharina Schär, Director of Human Resources at the Zurich Convention Center.

In the job advertisements for new employees, the Zurich Convention Center describes itself as an «employer in the start-up environment». For a venue with a long tradition, this is unusual - and yet appropriate. «With the new opening, we are almost starting on a greenfield. Hardly a power socket is where it used to be; this also applies to the HR department», says Katharina Schär, Director of Human Resources at the Zurich Convention Center since May 2020.

Management culture, values, employment conditions: All structures can and will be rebuilt with the involvement of the employees. The Zurich Convention Center wants to use this opportunity to ensure an open communication culture with flat hierarchies. Such start-up conditions do not fit everyone's needs: «Precisely because not everything is yet firmly defined, we are looking for idealists. Passionate hosts who are keen to get involved.»

But what is certain at this stage? Katharina Schär herself worked in the hospitality sector for many years, first as a waitress, later as a cook and then, after graduating from hotel management school, in purchasing and controlling at The Dolder Grand in Zurich. She knows the joys and sorrows of the hospitality industry and is therefore particularly committed to providing attractive working conditions and fringe benefits. «For example, our future employees should be able to buy additional holidays at discounts. In addition, they will have more public holidays than the L-GAV of the Swiss hospitality industry requires.»

«We are looking for passionate personalities who are interested in getting involved in the Zurich Convention Center.»

Katharina Schär, Director of Human Resources

Soon there will be new job advertisements for a large number of vacant positions; such as kitchen and service staff for various areas, staff in the event sector, facility management and administration. The responsibility of this major recruitment process come together at Katharina Schär. After her time at The Dolder Grand, she made her way into the HR management and has already accompanied the exciting development of a company. «Of course, we will also conduct individual interviews. But we are also currently thinking about castings; a circuit perhaps, on which various skills will be required?» The unbridled will to innovate at the Zurich Convention Center is directly transformed into action in the area of human resources.



Name: Katharina Schär
Function: Director of Human Resources
Expertise: All-rounder with en education in HR management and many years of experience in setting up and managing a human resources department.
Especially likes about her work: Shaping the new and the innovative. Getting to know different and interesting personalities to form the future team of the Zurich Convention Center.

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