More digitalisation for more customer proximity

– Digitalisation is the concept of the hour - not without reason. With its digitisation strategy, the Zurich Convention Center is pursuing one goal above all else: that its employees have more time for their guests.

From weddings and concerts to major events lasting several days - and everything in between: In order to be able to handle this range of event formats, a sophisticated organisation is required. This has not been possible «by hand» for a long time now. And the demands continue to rise: faster response times, more flexibility, more service and more personalised customer care. This requires digital support, «because we want to use our time for our guests», says Maria Hess, responsible for administration and digitalisation.

Not too much

This means: all process-oriented steps should be outsourced to systems. This brings several of them together - from booking systems and financial tools to kitchen recipe and facility management systems. «There are systems for everything. One must not get lost in them - otherwise it becomes confusing. You also have to consider whether you want to use systems that can cover as much as possible, or only one area and this one in particular depth».

«We want to use our time for our guests.»

Maria Hess, Digitalisation & Administration Manager

Interaction between man and machine

The selection process was based on an assessment of how easy the system is to use and whether some employees are already familiar with individual systems. Or how easily they can become familiar with them. «Ease of operation is important because we will be reassembling both the complete systems and the team», says Maria Hess. «The advantage of this is that we can coordinate everything and set up the processes exactly as we really need them in the company». But that is not all. Because the needs and the systems will change over time - new functionalities, different handling, extensions... It is important to keep both processes and employees up to date and to support them. «At least if you take this seriously», says Maria Hess, «and we do».

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