Short portrait Philippe Marclay

– Since 1 September 2020, Philippe Marclay is responsible for the building services engineering as Head of Facility Management. But he already knows the Zurich Convention Center like the back of his hand.

What brings you to the Zurich Convention Center?

I have had the pleasure of accompanying the renovation project for the past two years as an external consultant for facility management. The building is very complex - I like that. I didn't have to hesitate for a minute when I was asked to manage the Facility Management division even during ongoing operations.

Is there anything that is particularly important to you in your new job?

I really want to understand the needs of the different user groups in this building and adjust my services accordingly. If the support services such as cleaning or security are deployed in the background at the right time, in the right quantity and in the right place, then the events can shine in all their glory.

How was your start?

My start was fluent: unlike most of the others in the team, I could get an idea for quite some time. So there haven't been any big surprises for me so far - and I can fully use my knowledge of the 661 rooms in the building from the beginning. Nevertheless, I am learning more every day and can fully rely on the team.

«I can fully use my knowledge of the 661 rooms in the building from the beginning.»

Philippe Marclay, Head of Facility Management

What will you be doing a year from now?

I suspect that we will then critically analyse our processes, what went well at the first events and what still needs to be optimised - and determine how to implement these findings. Digitisation and new technologies will certainly continue to occupy me in a year's time.

What are your tasks before the opening?

There is still a lot to do before the opening. We are in the process of introducing a CAFM system (Computer Aided Facility Management) and mapping the building's data in it. To do this, all equipment, installations, furniture and fittings must be recorded and documented. In addition, we are starting the cooperation with our strategic service partner, and I have the pleasure of putting together my team, which will be responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the building in the future.

What are you looking forward to most?

The moment when we can take over the keys of the building and can implement what we are now preparing for. Then it really gets going!


Name: Philippe Marclay
Function: Head of Facility Management
Age: 27
Nationality: Swiss

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