The hub by the lake

– Who, how, where, what? Customers and guests at Zurich Convention Center can sit back and relax: The well-networked team of consultants at the Center has an answer to every question, and this is made possible by the Center’s diverse offering, central location, and distinctive partnerships.

Anyone who has ever organized a private or public occasion knows the score: you can rapidly get carried away when you’re planning the event. Booking a hotel for the guest speaker, a relaxed social programme following the AGM – every idea you come up with requires lots of time and work. Nevertheless, the experienced event consultants at Zurich Convention Center are there to support you with your extensive preparations. Technology? Check! Food? Check! Service? Check! The comprehensive offering relieves much of the burden and helps you to focus.

A versatile room and technology concept

The events that take place at Zurich Convention Center are as different as the people behind them: a scientific keynote address with subsequent side events; a livestream event; a design exhibition; a Christmas meal for your SME; a wedding celebration; a hybrid AGM followed by a dinner party; an event with heightened security requirements; a bar mitzvah celebration or a summer night’s ball. Thanks to the flexibility of its rooms and spaces, there are no limits to what’s possible at the Convention Center. Are you also looking for artists to entertain you at your event, or ideas about how things should be organized? Our team of consultants is also willing to lend a hand with such things. Moreover, our innovative and state-of-the-art technology means you don’t need to concern yourself with the technical aspects of your event – unless of course you want to.

Seasonal cuisine of the highest standard

Could it possibly get any better? Anyone who visits Zurich Convention Center will be pampered with culinary delights if they so desire – and even in a CO2-neutral way. This is because the Center has its own superb banquet kitchen with a kitchen crew that brings to the Center a wealth of experience in 5-star hotels and a huge passion for the job. Executive Chef Patrick Hetz will gladly take the time to assemble a menu with you, show you the large kitchen, or welcome you to a sample meal. From brunch to an apéritif or even a gala dinner – the Convention Center offers market-fresh in-house banquet cuisine at the highest level. What about vegan, kosher, or lactose-free? In addition to a large and creative banquet menu, the kitchen crew can also make every individual request a reality.

Other things we can offer

There’s no doubt that your occasion is the centrepiece, but guests will be arriving and departing, with some of them maybe staying for longer or arriving earlier – and many will want to spend their free time discovering Zurich, the sophisticated metropolis on Lake Zurich. Organizing all this can take time and require a great deal of effort, so it’s convenient that the Convention Center is situated in the middle of Zurich and is easily accessible. The team of consultants will be happy to advise you if you have any questions regarding transfers for guests. Thanks to the numerous collaborations with hotels and tourist destinations, all it takes is a phone call to organize a tailor-made social programme or suitable overnight accommodation (within walking distance) for your guests. Whether you’re local or just visiting Zurich, you’ll be impressed by the imaginative offers that can complement your event.

So what is there actually left for you to do? Simply enjoy your event! You reckon that’s impossible? Our team of consultants at Zurich Convention Center will be delighted to show you how, promising a ‘one-stop shop’ and the best view of Lake Zurich. Check!

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