Zurich Convention Center – leading the way in tackling climate change

– The Zurich Convention Center is set to re-open in spring 2021 – with a completely climate neutral infrastructure. The relevant certification was granted in summer 2019. As a large enterprise in Zurich, the Convention Center is making strides in tackling climate change and holding green meetings.

The Convention Center closed its doors for four years in 2017, but the renovated building is set to re-open in the same prime location at the heart of Zurich in spring 2021, when the major project will be transferred to ongoing operations. Zurich Convention Center Ltd. will take an entirely climate neutral approach to running the building, with the relevant ClimatePartner certification having been granted in summer 2019.

Figurehead with international appeal

“It is important that a building with such an immense presence leads by example and makes sustainable use of the opportunities that a fresh start presents,” highlights Roger Büchel, CEO of Zurich Convention Center Ltd. The Convention Center was keen to consciously take on this pioneering role, as it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Zurich – with international appeal.

Measures and certification

The implementation of climate neutral measures comprises several approaches – Zurich Convention Center Ltd. achieved the greatest effect in ongoing operations by adapting its catering concept, using regional and seasonal products and offering an imaginative selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. The structural measures focus on covering 70% of the building’s thermoregulation by exploiting the water from the nearby Lake Zurich. The central location is also one of the most significant climate-relevant criteria, with the journey to the venue within the city of Zurich possible on foot or by public transport. Finally, the organisation is also committed to a forest conservation project in Peru which compensates for any unavoidable CO2 emissions. “All these activities ensure that the Convention Center’s operations are entirely climate neutral and do not result in any additional costs for organisers," emphasises CEO Roger Büchel.

ClimatePartner Switzerland Ltd., based in Zurich, has been tasked with consultancy and certification – and will remain on hand throughout the implementation phase. General Manager Sven Berther sees the Zurich Convention Center as a beacon in the region: “It is vital that large buildings forge ahead with the issue of climate change and demonstrate the realms of possibility.” The certification was awarded in summer 2019 in accordance with strict international criteria.

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Zurich Convention Center Ltd.

Roger Büchel, Chief Executive Officer
T. +41 44 206 36 25

The Zurich Convention Center was opened at its current site in 1939 and has a fascinating history to look back on. Boasting a prime location in Zurich, not far from Lake Zurich and the Bahnhofstrasse, it plays host to around 800 regional, national and international events each year. The building, which is also home to the Tonhalle concert hall, has been undergoing renovations and extensions since 2017, and is set to re-open in 2021.

ClimatePartner Switzerland Ltd.

Sven Berther, General Manager
T. +41 43 556 78 51

ClimatePartner is a leading solutions provider for corporate climate protection. ClimatePartner advises companies on climate protection strategies and on the reduction and offset of carbon emissions. Founded in 2006 in Munich, ClimatePartner has 50 staff members at sites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as over 1,600 clients in 35 countries. ClimatePartner works closely with environmental associations and provide expert opinions on various international committees.

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