Zurich will cast a spell on you

– Zurich lies at the heart of Europe. With over 200 flight connections, the city can be reached from all over the world, whilst as a transport hub it’s ideally positioned within Switzerland too. Right in the middle of the city is Zurich Convention Center, whose downtown location is appreciated both nationally as well as internationally. But that’s by no means the only reason for its popularity!

«Zurich is the world’s smallest cosmopolitan city, but it’s also the coolest.» Dorothea Karl, Head of Markets and Convention Bureau at Zurich Tourism, immediately gets right to the point. It's this successful blend of an international mindset and how the locals see themselves that makes Zurich such a trendy destination.

Cleanliness and safety are paramount

The city’s cleanliness and safe environment also score points amongst its visitors. It’s the ideal starting place if you want to explore Switzerland because the distances are short and the opportunities endless. Highlights in the areas of art, culture, events and architecture are just as prominent as its lively and diverse bars, restaurants and hotels. Zurich shows how one can best enjoy a contemporary yet sustainable lifestyle.

A top scorer when it comes to sustainability

This is why Zurich was ranked amongst the world’s Top 10 destinations in 2019’s Global Destination Sustainability Index. On this occasion, the city on the River Limmat even secured 3rd place. This is welcome news for every stakeholder, demonstrating that the city is well ahead when it comes to innovation.

«Thanks to the reopening of the Convention Center, Zurich has been reconfigured and revitalized as a location.»

Dorothea Karl, Head of Markets & Convention Bureau, Zurich Tourism

A diverse icon

So it’s no surprise that the demand for event locations in Zurich is rising steeply. Dorothea Karl is glad that Zurich Convention Center has reopened: «We’ve missed the sheer size of the Convention Center,» she says. «Zurich Convention Center is so adaptable, and can be used in a variety of ways. Thanks to its reopening, Zurich has been reconfigured and revitalized as a location.»

A climate-neutral top performer

Zurich Convention Center forms an important part of the jigsaw puzzle when it comes to the fabric of the city because it represents Zurich in a coherent and harmonious manner. «The Convention Center is famous for its outstanding quality, particularly with regard to the culinary arts,» says Dorothea Karl. This is something that’s appreciated by local as well as international visitors, because events are increasingly turning into a holistic experience. Sustainability is of course part of the package: anyone who enters Zurich Convention Center is automatically behaving in a climate-neutral way – and it doesn’t cost them anything!

Fresh momentum in the events industry

A sense of optimism prevails in the sector, and this is confirmed by Dorothea Karl from Zurich Tourism. People are curious to try something new, and want to come together again and enjoy live events. At the same time, they’ve learned from their experiences and continue to demand hybrid solutions, which are perfectly possible in Zurich Convention Center with its state-of-the-art technology. The reopening of Zurich Convention Center therefore comes at exactly the right time – and it can handle almost any request.


Image: © Zürich Tourismus

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